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Samurai Sake Bottle Armor is a masterpiece produced by Okoshi Tadayasu, the third generation of doll craftsmen "Tadayasu Armor" founded in 1947, with his spirits.

"Tango-no-Sekku (the Boy's Festival)" is one of the Japanese traditional events that decorates a Samurai doll to pray for boys' health and growth. The origin was Samurai used to display their armor and weapons (bows and swords) as "a charm to protect their health" at the turn of the seasons that easily gets sick. In modern times, this custom has been transformed into "decorating a doll (called Gogatsu-Ningyo) to pray for the boys' health and growth" at home, taking over its culture.


bottle armor

"Boy's Festival Doll"

However, the Japanese birth rates are declining, and less occupied areas for each housing unit due to the trend towards nuclear families cause the Boy's Festival Doll gradually decreases the sales because of its high-priced and taking space to display.

Tadayasu, who has engaged in making the doll for over 25 years since he studied under his father, the second generation, in 1993, faced the reality that armor makers are decreasing year by year. And, he had been concerned seriously about these trends.

"The armor of Boy's Festival Doll we make uses traditional techniques that have been handed down from over 100 years ago. Even if you say "techniques" in a word, the various kinds of Japanese traditional crafts cultures are used for each part together, such as the part of the gold or the knotted cord's method. Over 100 craftsmen are involved in making a palm-sized Kabuto(helmet).

bottle armor


Since I had begun entering this field, I have thought that we must open them in the world to preserve these techniques and the culture "Boy's Festival" supported by them."

"But I thought there would be no demand in the world. When I was puzzling about how to expand the market overseas, I received a proposal to sell the Bottle Armor. That was the start of designing and producing the Bottle Armor."

bottle armor


It is not easy to make it to be wearable on the bottle while keeping the delicate quality. So it took more than one year to complete the prototype by trial and error, he said. However, the Bottle Armor created in the maze, as Tadayasu's word says, aggregates Japanese traditional techniques. And the appearance and Kabuto's form are overwhelmingly powerful. Furthermore, the existence produced by the delicate beauty uncompromising in the details, such as the knotted code, is excellent. We ensure it will become a memory of your life and a perfect gift for your loved ones or souvenirs for special occasions.



"I would like you to know more about Japanese traditional culture through the Bottle Armor. Because I believe that you will feel the sense of color and the beauty of the appearance fulled by Japanese-specific aesthetic sense."

It is a sophisticated work of art that you can feel Japanese culture, even though you are not in Japan. It is a masterpiece that we would like everyone in Singapore to pick up, not to mention Japanese lovers.


Okoshi Tadayasu the Third

He was born in 1969. At the age of 24, he studied under his father, who is the second generation of the craftsman, then entered an armor craftsman's field. In 2007, he took over the company from his father. His studio has a unique advantage that is "A woman (his grandmother) is the founder" and "many female craftsmen work," compared with another armor maker. Therefore, they have continued producing masterpieces with the latest fashion or female sense while preserving the traditional technique/spirits.

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